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Black leather wallet with all my ID - 0 replies

Vinny Posted by Vinny in Lost and found in Milton on Sun Feb 11, 2024 10:53am

Hey there .. I lost a black wallet (folding type) with all my ID and my daughter’s health card as well. Possibly at the credit valley oral surgery parking lot in Milton. If found and returned please call 9055361111 

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Lost ladies watch. - 0 replies

Frances50 Posted by Frances50 in Lost and found in Strathroy on Fri Feb 2, 2024 7:13pm

Ladies watch lost in Strathroy area. Metal bracelet-mother of pearl face-engraved. Reward iffered

Black Belt Bag with a Brown Wallet - 0 replies

dani000 Posted by dani000 in Lost and found in Brossard on Fri Feb 2, 2024 1:43pm

Hello, we need help! My black belt with a brown wallet that is full of ID’s is missing. We left it in front of the RW and Co store near the bench and when we got there it was gone, but I know it’s there. We asked inside the store if we could see the cctv but they said they wouldn't access it so we went to DIX30 security but they said they didn't see it and their cctv camera didn't cover the area.



looking for the person who bought "off grid smokehouse" a few years back - 0 replies

drew321 Posted by drew321 in General Tillsonburg discussion on Tue Jan 16, 2024 10:52am

Hello, just seeing if anybody has the general contact info of the person / people who bought off grid smokehouse a few years back. I am a former business partner with one of the people who  owned that business initially and was the victim of some fraud as a result. Looking to speak to the buyer to see if there was any similar activity (fraud) in dealing with that person. 

My Grandparents owned the General Store in Evain. - 0 replies

SuiteCaroline58 Posted by SuiteCaroline58 in Ancestry and family history in Evain on Sun Jan 14, 2024 2:37pm

Hi Everyone,

I am Caroline Fillion Paul and my grandparents who owned the General Store were,

Napoleon & Mamie Fillion. They moved to Evain from Laconia, NH, USA around 1933.  There was some sort of Government Program giving money to people who wanted to be pioneers of the village. They decided to build a General Store with the money the government gave them. They had 8 children. My dad was the oldest.

- Joseph (Joe) Fillion (my dad)

- Alice 

- William (Bill)

- Rachelle (mentally challenged)

- Marie (age 91, the only one still living)

- Irene

- Albert

- David (Dave)

My dad Joe Fillion had his own cab company called "Joe's Taxi." He had 2 cars and his brother Bill drove the 2nd car. I'm trying to figure out what year this would be... About 1946. Not sure where Taxi Stand was located, but I know it was outside of Evain, somewhere on highway #101. He met my mom when he was hired to drive some of her family members from Montbeillard, QC to visit relatives in Nicolet, QC. She said it was a 10 hour drive (slower speed limits back then) and she didn't like my dad because he was acting like a fool. haha 

They married in 1950 and moved to Toronto the following day, where my dad started a new job as a Truck Driver. 

If any of this sounds familiar to anyone or if anyone has any photos I would appreciate any information you could give me. 

Thank you for your time,


Where are pokemon hot spots in Norwich,ON? - 0 replies

DJDawn Posted by DJDawn in Pokemon Go in Norwich: hints and tips on Sat Jan 13, 2024 11:42am

I'm thinking about joining pokemon go.I was told there are some pokemon go stops and gyms in my little hometown. Where are they? any suggestions for a newbie?

iPhone 6! Has a pink sparkly water case. Lost near the shipwreck park and the hill of land between the cove and the other side - 0 replies

kaomi Posted by kaomi in Lost and found in Chestermere on Wed Dec 27, 2023 10:58pm

Bro this is my sisters phone and it would amazing if someone found it and reached out.