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Lost a gold family ring with 5 stones on it - 0 replies

dubord72 Posted by dubord72 in Lost and found in Kapuskasing on Wed Oct 21, 2020 10:38pm

Please contact me  if found

I am looking for my son Zach. - 0 replies

Julia Maria Posted by Julia Maria in Missing persons in Kapuskasing on Sun May 21, 2017 2:20am

Fall 2014, My son went off to Timmins Northern College from Toronto, he has a learning disability but decided to study within the Medical Field. 

I was really proud of him so I allowed him to go even though it's a 10 hour drive from Toronto.Northern College, Timmins, Ontario had what he was looking for in the Sciences Field. He made some new friends from Kapuskasing (one being a man in his 40's) that immediately started taking him on trips from Timmins to Kapuskasing and he failed the school year, I found him summer 2015 working at a gas station near the school, Timmins, then the owners passed away winter 2016 so he went off in a rampage disappeared on me again winter of 2016, Summer 2016 he contacted me by text message on a phone I kept for him but I haven't heard from him since and I am not well enough to go looking for him as I had a heart attack back in September and still recuperating from surgery, he last contacted his older brother winter 2017 but now has disappeared again. IF anyone knows a young man by the name of Zach O.> please have him contact his mother, I am always worried. I may be going to the OPP for help this summer if I don't hear from him soon.  

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